Shopping and Decapitation

Thursday, May. 24, 2007 - 4:08 pm

I'm currently in Southampton Library, whittling away my time doing not much, and since my feet were starting to hurt I thought I'd go occupy a computer for a bit. Well, 28 minutes, which is what I have left on the library timers.
So yeah, expect severe boredom.

Today I've been to Crescent Training, which is in the same building as that God-awful Gateway to Work 'course' the Jobseeker guys forced me on. I talked to one of the advisers who told me to come back with a big old list of potential employers for the media etc.
Then I meandered on down to the Fitness First place to have a gawp at their gym equipment (a few weeks ago I got a phone call from them saying "We have your details, when would you like to come down and join?" even though I never actually said I'd join when they asked. OH and the lady said to me "We think you should come down soon so you can start getting back into shape" What? So rude! I mean, I know I'm a little pudgy but who actually says that to someone? Jeez.)
I also purchased a grand leather bag from Underground Clothing, it has a small cross on it in silver studs and is Oh So Stylish. And also I bought a couple of patches for my already rather patched Jimi Hendrix patchwork jacket that I love so very, very much.

Oh yes and I finally got that bike.

Hey did anybody hear of that awful decapitaion accident down my road? I know I've probably told a whole bunch of people but I feel the need to write about it anyway.
Down Winchester Road, near McCarthy's (in Shedfield, Hampshire) a 40 year old man was decapitated by a farm shackle as it flew up from the road, went through his front windscreen, through the top of his head, and out the back windscreen. The really horrible thing is that apparantly the way it hit him meant that he'd have been aware of what had happened to him just before he died. Isn't that horrible? The news made national television, though nothing was mentioned about the decapitation. I guess that's too gruesome even for our news channels. After the accident the road was completely closed off for a whole day.
I know this sounds horrible, but when I first heard about it I actually laughed. It just sounded far too much like something out of Final Destination for it to be true. But yeah. There's the dramatic news story, about 3 weeks out of date of course, from my corner of the world.

I'd better go now. I think I'll find a quiet spot in the library and fall asleep.

Boringly, Kim xxx

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